Be Aware — Success on Medium is Not Guaranteed

The Medium does not guarantee success to the aspirant writers with the time or the amount of content produced over time. People dive here, hoping to find gold, but unfortunately never emerges again on the surface. Few with sublime talent and with the help of extra effort make it through. It’s not that I want … Read more

My Income Report for July 2022(1 Month Vs 23 Months)

Recently I wrote about how I changed my way of dealing with Medium and its impact. Yes, positive effects. July 2022 is gone, and we can look at my monthly numbers. My earning report on Medium will discuss the impact and results after I adopted some changes to my writing, especially during my time at … Read more

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How Much Medium Paid Me for My Article That Hit More Than 2k?

I started writing on Medium in July 2020 and it’s going on and on since then. Recently, I’ve celebrated my second anniversary a few days ago. I’ve had a great experience on Medium during the past two years. It was a roller coaster ride for me, stories were curated/distributed. I earned my first income online. … Read more

5 Reasons Why Financial Literacy is Key for Entrepreneurs

Do you ever think about what financial literacy is? Why it’s important for entrepreneurs? Do you’ve any financial skills? These questions must be answered in “yes” if you want to run successful entrepreneurship. “Financial education is more valuable than money.” ― Mac Duke, The Strategist We’re surrounded by people undertaking different kinds of employment to … Read more

10 Best IT Tech Blogs to Follow

Tech blogs are great resources to hear about the latest tech news They often feature interviews with industry leaders, updates on industry events, and other unique information to help you stay up-to-date on all tech things. There is no shortage of tech blogs, and here are some of the best tech blogs to follow: 1. … Read more

How to Make Money Online

Making money has been the biggest dream of people for ages. People have fought for money and gold. They traveled towards jungles and deserts to earn money. However, courtesy of the dynamic world, making money has eased the hardships of travel and allowed people to achieve by staying home and earning money online. There are … Read more