My Income Report for July 2022(1 Month Vs 23 Months)

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Recently I wrote about how I changed my way of dealing with Medium and its impact.

Yes, positive effects.

July 2022 is gone, and we can look at my monthly numbers.

My earning report on Medium will discuss the impact and results after I adopted some changes to my writing, especially during my time at Medium.

Everyone has their results, and I acknowledge it, yet describing my experience might help someone looking for the answers.

Approximately 7–8 % of medium writers earn above USD 100 every month. I’ve no issue in accepting that I’m in 92%.

Why I’m in there with 92%?

Doesn’t medium has the potential?

Don’t I write well?



Successful writers have cracked medium due to their persistent and quality work.

It’s a process to become successful on Medium.

How I Got Started on Medium?

I saw Medium a few years back as a readers platform, read a few stories, and moved on.

I never thought to write on Medium then.

In July 2020, just like when there were covid lockdowns, and people were exploring new ideas, I found Medium again, with the eyes of a writer this time. Courtesy, Sinem Günel, and Zulie Rane.

Sinem earned unbelievable amounts in 2020 through writing only. 

That amount was enough to get my interest in writing. Zulie told me about writing for clients and earning from writing online.

I became a freelance online writer instantly.

I wrote my first article on July 23, 2020.

Screen Time and Children-A Big NO
Technology companies are advancing every hour and producing countless products by spending billions of $ on the…

I’ve been writing on Medium for the last two years, and recently I celebrated my second work anniversary on Medium.

My 2nd Work Anniversary of Freelance Writing on Medium
Here is what I have learned and

How was My Journey Before July 2022?

I work on Medium, Simily, Vocal, Fiverr, Upwork, etc., but I love Medium.

I can leave every other platform, not Medium. Why?

• It paid me my first online earning

• I met great people here.

Medium has got me into it; I’ve been in love with it since I joined in 2020.

Due to many factors, I’m not a frequent writer, nor am I a great earner on Medium. I don’t give my proper writing time and never looked to give it a decent go.

While you read successful writers, there is a process to win on Medium.

I was happy as it was enough for my monthly subscription fee.

I spent time interacting with the other writers and reading other members’ content. I usually write a couple of articles a month on average.

My Stats Before This Month

It’s been exactly two years (24 Months) on medium writing. It was a great run; I cherished every bit of it and loved the community more than anything on Medium.

I posted 66 articles before this month, with an average of fewer than three articles every month. People might say this could be fine if the articles were of great reach, having thousands of reads. They were just regular articles without having UN comparable views.

Around 10–15% of articles were curated and distributed, but they did not bring me fortunes.

  • My June 22 earnings — $ 3.57/-
  • My 30 days views — 743
  • My 30 days read — 340
  • My 30 days fans — 56

My average annual Medium earning merely covered my monthly subscription fee.

The challenge

You might have seen people committing themselves to the challenge to write 30 articles in 30 days. That seems great, but I never intended to go for it.

I never believed in myself writing this much content or spending a significant volume of time on Medium and my other commitments.

I saw a few writers putting massive numbers of articles and views that inspired me.

My current stats are meager in numbers and are not enough to keep anyone going, even after spending two years on the platform. That is true to the extent of the statement and results.

But, I know I value my relations with the Medium members.

Second, I know I have not given it a full go on Medium. I must stretch myself before calling curtains over Medium.

Silently, in my heart, I committed to myself to give myself a push in this anniversary month and see the results.

I started writing…

What are the Stats for July 2022?

Let’s jump straight to the stats for July 22.

So curious to know my stats,

Drumrolls, please.

I have pumped 35 new articles this month, totaling 101 articles.

A rise of 53% compared to my last 23 months’ effort. In the process, I reached 100 articles the previous month.

My 100th Article On Medium- Congratulations to Me
It was completely

Author Graph Indicating Article before July 22 and July 22

My Income is up by 411% — Unbelievable for me. My monthly Income has reached my highest FTM (For the Month).

Income for June 2022 was $ 3.57/- which has raised to $21.11/- for July 2022. 

The amount might not invite most people’s interest, but it’s still a huge rise.

Author’s monthly medium income graph
  • My 30 days views are up from 743 to 2961, up by 299%
  • My 30 days reads are up from 340 to 1363, up by 301%
  • My 30 fans are up from 56 to 254, up by 354 %
  • My e-mail subscription has risen 200% in the last 30 days.
  • I got one referred member in the previous 30 days.
Author’s monthly medium graph
Author’s monthly medium graph

Income Analysis

I’ve published on Medium for two years, and my annual earnings are as under; as I mentioned above, earnings were just enough for the yearly subscription.

  • The year 2020 — $59.66
  • The year 2021 — $66.21
  • The year 2022* — $35.03

The above numbers are massive rewards for me for my writing efforts.

  • Around 300% rise in views/reads/fans in a Single Month on Medium.
  • My highest grossing month on Medium in two years.

It indicated that even if you don’t get a massive viral hit on Medium. You can still be in charge of your results. I know numbers are still not huge, but I’m talking about the percentage impact.

It’s just a positive correlation with the number of articles published and a massive rise in almost all the relevant corners of Medium.

I’m supercharged with these results, and why not?

It’s a great success for me and has allowed me to push myself; frankly, it wasn’t difficult at all.


One takeaway from my last month’s experiment is that you have to give in the effort if you want engagement on Medium.

Some writers follow the same pattern and earn above $100 on the forum.

By offering more and more articles, you can increase the possibilities of affiliate marketing from your content.

Still, there is no comparison to high-quality, valuable content for the readers. There are countless articles yielding more income as compared to my entire two-year’s income on Medium.

I believe in high-quality content.

It might be my next challenge.

Finally, You can win the race, not the Medium.

So are you ready for it? Don’t shy back.

How do you feel after reading this article?

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I’ll be thrilled and will be awaiting your words.

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