How Much Medium Paid Me for My Article That Hit More Than 2k?

I started writing on Medium in July 2020 and it’s going on and on since then.

Recently, I’ve celebrated my second anniversary a few days ago.

I’ve had a great experience on Medium during the past two years.

It was a roller coaster ride for me, stories were curated/distributed. I earned my first income online.

I earned in unexpected ways on Medium and got views from readers throughout the globe.

Once you write an article on Medium it circles the forum and keeps on getting you the views with time.

Let’s see one of my articles having 2.4K views currently.

5 Reasons Why Financial Literacy is Key for Entrepreneurs


Lifetime views have been continuously accumulating over a period of time. Currently, there are 2.4K views.

Do you know the fun fact?

Views are 95% external views and only 5% are internal views. It means reads from this 5% are eligible to earn me money.

Screenshot from author’s profile
Screenshot from author’s profile

Member Reading Time

There is a member read time of 51Minutes against the views of 2.4K. It’s quite ironic actually.

Screenshot from author’s profile

Earning the Article

The article has earned me a great fortune of $3.89 against the massive viewership of 2.4K views.

Results would have been different if the viewership might have favored the internal views.

Screenshot from author’s profile
Screenshot from author’s profile